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Birchills Automotive acquire Motad assets

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The UK’s leading independent exhaust parts and systems supplier to the trade, Birchills Automotive have announced the purchase of 104 machinery assets from Motad Ltd. 

The purchase ensures that Birchills can expand their service offering within the motorcycle exhaust sector. Birchills have an array of tooling and jigs for the motorcycle sector which helps them to produce exhaust systems in a reasonable lead-time. 

Managing Director of Birchills Automotive, Andrew Wellings explained: “We are delighted with the purchase of the 104 machinery assets from Motad. It is a great opportunity for us, as it will expand our motorcycle capabilities even further and our capacity for production has increased.” 

Birchills manufacture all products in-house at their Plant in the West Midlands UK and prepare the exhausts ready for Automotive or Motorsport homologation. They also manufacture exhausts using reactive silencing techniques which reduces the testing and development costs.

Motad had a huge range of R&D capabilities including 3D CAD, dyno and gas flow equipment. The company produced replacement systems for motorcycles including: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and many more reputable brands. 

Andrew added: “We have acquired the motorcycle dyno equipment from Motad as a part of the assets which was great for us. The dyno will allow us to directly compare the improvements for our customer once we install a new motorcycle exhaust for them.” 

Birchills manufacture Motorcycle decibel killers which fit into sports motorcycle exhausts which are designed to reduce the sound pressure level dependant on the type of bike and the applications it is used for. The company have also developed a new range of Motorcycle Link Pipes for most leading manufacturers including: Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Triumph and BMW. Birchills can manufacture Motorcycle Cans to exact specifications either large volume or small runs and one off’s.

The company can also supply the silencers and exhaust systems in many different materials and finishes. These include: 304 stainless steel that has been mirror polished with a sateen finish, high temperature coatings such as ceramics, post paints and HT powder. Furthermore, Birchills can supply Carbon fibre material to support OEM manufacturers, custom bike builders, motorsport and aftermarket manufacturers. 

Andrew concluded: “We have vastly enhanced our service offering to customers following the purchase and it reflects our drive to expand the business as we move forwards in the future. We already have an extensive portfolio of customers in the motorcycle sector, but this acquisition will reinforce our commitment to producing the very best motorcycle exhausts available.”